New Year, new pieces!

  Just a sneak peek to some new pieces that I've made to welcome 2017!  HA!  If you're interested in keeping up, and you use Facebook regularly, here's a link to my business page for all the updates: Crysallis Creations on Facebook   And here's one of my newest pride and … [continue]

Let’s talk about over 40 skincare!

I am doing something new today here on my blog…..  If you are a regular reader of my random postings here on this blog, then you know most of the time I really only update with things related to beads, supplies…  hehehehehe….   So yes, this is new….  I am going to share a beautiful […]


As we look forward to 2017….

So many things had happened this year…..  moved from one continent to another!  All things seemed settled now, at least most of it! And, since one of the test shows that I’ve tried were a total flop…  since I was really too late to join any for this holiday season, so I’ve uploaded quite a […]


Free Shipping happening!!

YES!  And Discounted postage at flatrate of $5 to all International locations, woohooo!!!! Here’s the link to my Etsy shop.  And keep in mind…..  since this is show season, so items may disappear without prior notice.  🙂     ~*~*~*~* FREE SHIPPING within US! Discounted postage of $5 for International orders!! I will refund your […]


Holiday Season is upon us again!

wow…  time sure flies huh? This past few month many things had changed.  Aside from world politics, there had been some personal changes with me too….   This past Summer, I had moved back to my beloved area!  It’s been a long long time since I live here……  even though I flew back here almost […]


News, Changes, and all that Jazz!

I know I know….  been awhile……  many things went on around here, even though I wish I am able to just stay in my dungeon and create!  But real life gets in the way sometimes…..  🙂   I’ve moved back to US after many years away from family!  It’s great to be back!  But sure […]


Close to the end of 2014

Been awhile hasn’t it?  😛 Aside from the fact that I’ve lost access to my lovely blog for the past few months!  And I am just here declaring that I have access again!!!  hehehehehe…..   So it is that time of year again!  And aside from the usual responsibilities, I am also helping out to […]


Christmas Present from me to you!

Been awhile, so sorry about this….  I think sometimes I am way more of an artist than a marketing minded person than I would like to admit!  LOL   Yes I am quite temperamental at times….  been in one of those low mood ever since that insane encounter and the whole mess with that custom […]


Sourcing Jadeite Jade

Life goes on really!  Regardless of what negative things that might be going on, which of course should remain at the back bench and not take away from all the other fun and joy that’s going on with the rest of my days right?   So I just spend a few days at the Hong […]


What Is Your Worst Experience? Part 2

First off, I really really would like to thank you all!  For voicing your concern and giving me so many words of encouragement!  Through this whole incident, you have all made me feel strong by never doubted my doing!  Though really…..  from my previous post , I cannot say there had been much positive progress […]

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