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New offerings in my Etsy shop!

So about a week ago, one of my customer approached me to ask if I can make just singles of my post / stud earrings.  And she gave me a few center stones that she would like to have, then I set off to work on those for her!  While doing these, I thought maybe it’s a good idea to offer them as singles instead of a pair, since there are quite a few out there that enjoys assymetric look, or else just wanted one stud for alternative piercing.

So here are 3 new listings that I’ve added to my Etsy Jewelry Shop

Pastel Rainbow stud

Rainbow stud

Southwest stud

Oh yes I am always up for custom combination that you may prefer!  As long as I have materials on hand I can certain give it a try!  Just contact me either through here, or through my Etsy shop!

Until next time!  🙂

Post Earrings variations

So as I mentioned in my last blog post, I am starting to experiment with some new combination for my post or stud earrings.  And the overall response to these are overwhelming!  Surprising really….  but that makes me quite happy to since…..  well let’s just say that these will definitely open up more play with colors!  And I’ve already gotten a few custom orders shipped, and a few more to work on!  Thank you!!!

Post Earrings mixing Precious and semi-Precious Gemstone

Post Earrings mixing Precious and semi-Precious Gemstone

These are quite fun to make!  Using the same method that I’ve designed and yes these are made completely out of wire as well….  either Sterling Silver or else 14kt Goldfill.

Here’s a little hint…..  As I mentioned before, I will be giving away free jewelry once my Facebook fanpage hits 500 fans, so if you’re interested in that chance of owning a pair of these, become one of my Facebook fans on my page!  Because I wil be giving away a few pairs of these in Limited Edition, hopefully real soon!!

Thank you for your support along the way!  Until next time! 🙂

Raw Diamond Post Stud Earrings

ever so popular Rough Diamond Stud Earrings

ever so popular Rough Diamond Stud Earrings

It’s been just over a year since I started to make these little post / stud earrings, and to my surprise, these had quickly became one of the best seller in my online shop!  This particular style is the first and only item that I ever offered repeatedly, since most of the time I enjoy creating One Of A Kind items intead.  Same method, but lots of variations, different combination of gemstone with different color of Rough Diamond beads.  I am certainly happy that I found my little niche of success, and these had quickly became one of my stable offered items in my Etsy Jewelry Shop


Yet, with the concept of “nothing new under the sun”, it is true with Artisan crafted items as well…..  in the past year I’ve experienced quite a few encounter of others trying to take advantage of what I’ve came up with, but I see these as the most despicable form of affirmation, and truly believe that only the best will prevail, and kept on going with what I know I can do….  time and time again these were put to the test, and I am confident to say that with the same attention to details, these remain my original design!  And I am extremely thankful for those who supported me along the way!  So Thank you!  For your good common sense, respect, and support to my original design.


And with that said… and with recent rise in cost of materials that I use for making of these little raw Diamond post earrings, it’s inevitable that I have to raise my listing price of these (which truthfully had been lower than wholesale pricing) to a more appropriate price range.  At current pricing, and as effortless as these may appear to you….  after calculating my cost of materials (i.e. rough / raw Diamond, Sterling Silver or Goldfilled wire in assortment of sizes and length, Sterling Silver or Goldfill friction clutch), I am only getting less than minimum wage for the time that I put into making each and every one of these.  I can tell you that it’s NOT easy working with these raw / rough Diamond beads, and if you have experienced working with these you probably know what I am talking about too……  Sometimes I put in almost ONE Hour of time for ONE of these post earring, so that’s almost TWO hours for ONE PAIR of these studs……


Mozambique Red Garnet with Pearl and Raw Diamond

As suggested from a few of my respected peers (you know who you are! XO) I’ve decided to share a bit more details of how these were made.  Yes there are hammering involved, and yes there are pliers and cutters involved.  The setting in these posts are of my own design. They’re made from Sterling Silver or Goldfill wire and constructed by “weaving” these stones and beads with wire onto this setting,  that makes them very sturdy and almost solid.  A lot more fiddling work than my photo shown, which is how they’re meant to be!  The “behind the scene” construction should be kept behind the scene!  As a jewelry enthusiast myself, it pleases me so much to be able to create a piece of jewelry with just Wire & Beads!  Yet they will wear just as any piece of jewelry made with faceted gemstone and metal sheets, no glue (gasp!) or fire involved.  I cannot stress enough how much attention I paid to the making of each and everyone of these little precious studs.  And each one is made COMPLETELY out of wire!  And this is the creativity and quality that I offer.

There are quite a few “similar” items listed online, but they are NOT the same….  . By selecting a pair from me, I promise you all the 10+ years of wire manipulating skills and knowledge that I have, along with all the attention to details that I give to EACH & EVERY piece that I made!  I am PROUD!!  Of what I can do, so the same will apply to each and every pair of these precious little studs that I’ll make for you!

Moss Amethyst with Rhodolite Garnet.
Rainbow Moonstone with Aquamarine.


I’ve also start to play with the idea of offering some alternative choices instead of just with raw or rough Diamond.  And I think I might be able to keep the cost of these lower due to materials, but in another way, I am tempted to offer them with more precious center stone too!  And that’s still in the works, but here are some that I’ve made up to show you what might be available soon!  And here are a few pairs that I’ve made, which very likely will be Limited Edition due to available materials.




So stay tuned……  And Thank You!  For all those that had supported my design of these over the past year!  I am looking forward to sharing these joyous creations with you if you’re not yet familiar with these!  And yes I can always work with you for a custom pair too since….  well these are actually quite lovely as birthday jewelry as well, I can offer them with combination of birthstones as well!  Just let me know!


Oh and last but not least…..  These had been popular as some will request to have sets of Trios made…..  matching pair of post earrings with a pendant charm as a set!  And here are some that I’ve made upon request.

Trio of Post Earrings set with matching Charm / Pendant

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!  Feel free to contact me either through   Crysallis Creations on Facebook    or else through Conversation on Crysallis Creations on Etsy

Until next time!  🙂


Weekly Feature: Etsy’s Best Kept Secret Team

As much as I enjoy people, but sometimes due to “real life” duties, I just don’t do too well in any interest group too well….  a lot of times there are way too many weekly commitment that I’ll need to achieve or even take part of, which in term is what they consider “active participation”.  Sometimes it’s just not possible……  I am a mother, a wife, and a designer, and a business woman.  I have enough daily duties in my life that I have to pay attention to….

So!  When I showed interest with an Artisan Team and realized quite a few of women that I already admire are taking part in it, I had to find out how to get involved….  and I was lucky that I was welcomed with open arms!

Etsy, as I’ve mentioned before, is a site that famed for promoting Handmade good.  There are currently over millions of hundreds of thousands of registered sellers, while due to some predetermined “criteria”, a lot of times smaller shops with minimal listings will get overlooked.  Which is a whole different story when work as a team.

I can’t even start to tell you how lucky I feel, to be part of this great group of talented women, who work with all different media to create mostly jewelry.  Here’s just a little intro to what this team offers….  Etsy's Best Kept Secret

Here’s our latest Weekly collage, of all the items that we’ve created during the past week!  For more details of each photo included here, please visit our Team Blog to find more details in reference to each alphabet, and in which shop you can find these pieces!

I will feature in more details of each Artisan that we have on the team!  Stay tune!

Brief Introduction! in Chinese!!


Crysallis Creations Jewelry 已經在網路購物世界裡有一段時間了…. 但以前只以英語與會,只因設計師主打尺寸大件的手工製品,而大部份亞洲人偏愛小品, 也比較關住價格多過手工製的心血及品牌. 但近年情況有變,手工製作的精品開始倍受矚目!當中,ETSY的出現對於手工製品的關住與肯定,而我己從2006年開始就在此開啟了我的第一家網路購物店.

Crysallis Creations Jewelry 的製品全出自本人之手,從設計到完工都是我一手包辨.我以貴金屬線,半寶石或天然礦石所製作.我是老板,也是女工,有時當然也是做運輸工人跑郵局.這就是網路生意老板的生活.


Artisan crafted jewelry.

Artisan crafted jewelry.


New Year!  New Beginning!

Don’t be too surprised to see unfamiliar characters here….  As I’ve mentioned before, I am Chinese, so this is a brief little intro to all the Chinese readers out there, just wanted to say hello!!  😀

Thank you for taking the time to read, hopefully I will be updating with some new jewelry pieces real soon!  This pile of UFO (UnFinished Object) are sure piling up!!  LOL

Until next time!  🙂

Rough Diamond Post stud Earrings

One of my Best Seller online!  And since now Etsy had gone another step for us sellers to set-up and offer options, so I’ve combined this particular ones made with Labradorite as center, with options that you can choose to either have your purchase made with shiny or oxydized Sterling Silver.  You can also choose if you prefer Champagne rough Diamond, Black Rough Diamond, or Steel Gray rough Diamond when you purchase!

I also offer a lot of other choices,  I would say the best place to see those will be in this folder  Crysallis Creations on Facebook 

Here’s a little collage of the 3 variation that I offer with Labradorite center!  Contact me if you’re interested for Custom combination, just click on this photo and it will lead you to my Etsy shop.

All wirewrapped with Sterling Silver wire.

All wirewrapped with Sterling Silver wire.

Until next time!  🙂

adding more listings into my Etsy bead shop!

So since I still haven’t had much time to work on creating new pieces, so what I’ve been doing lately is sorting through my “hoard-dom”!!  LOL  Trying to reorganize my stash (failing of course) while trying to add a few more listings to my Etsy Bead Shop , so at least my wee little shop will stand any chance of being found on there….

Digging into my own precious hoard here, starting by sharing a few pieces of Ocean Jasper beads that I’ve had for over 10 years!  These are old stock materials, and from what I’ve learned quite a few years ago that this material is depleted, which explains why there aren’t as many beautiful ones new in the market now.  So yes these are quite precious!

just a small collection of old stock Ocean Jasper beads that I'll be listing....

just a small collection of old stock Ocean Jasper beads that I’ll be listing….

So check these out if you’re a mineral enthusiast like me!  I will be listing quite an assortment over time, priced at different price range as well!
‘Til next time!!




added some new gemstone bead listings into my Etsy bead shop!

Labradorite, natural Citrine, assortment of Tourmaline

Labradorite, natural Citrine, assortment of Tourmaline

I’ve added a few more bead listings into my Etsy Bead Shop , part of my effort in clearing out some of the hoard that I’ve managed to collect through the years….

What makes mine different from the rest?  Well…..  let’s just say there’s nothing I wouldn’t buy to use in my own jewelry pieces, and even though yes, I do make somewhat high end wirewrap jewelry but, I love the natural minerals and even natural inclusions with them!  To me, those are characteristics, mark of nature!

Check these out if you’re interested!  🙂  ‘Til next time!!  😀

It’s alive! It’s alive!!



So from all past experience, Christmas had never been good selling season for me or my online shop, and since I don’t really have time to pay much attention except my usual fare, plus the local fund-raising event that I do…


And I wondered when it’ll be alive again, online sales that is…  and it’s starting!  heh…  A great thing!!!


So to reward myself…  I added a faceted gemstone to my ever growing collection of hoard…..errrh let’s just call it collection shall we?

Sphene!!!  Oh how I've craved!!

Sphene!!! Oh how I’ve craved!!


and uh….  that’s all that I’ll be showing you, today…  😛  teeheehee….

‘Til next time!

Newly marked down items in my Etsy Jewelry Shop!

Just marked down some listings in my Etsy Jewelry Shop , including some of my favorite ones ever made…. some at 20% off, some at 30% off, some at 40% off original listed price.  Take sometime to check out some great deals!!


Gaia Ammonite Lepidochrosite Labradorite Garnet Quartz Pyrite Leather oxydized Sterling Silver wirewrapped Necklace


Swells Wirewrapped Pearl Sapphire mix Gemstone Sterling Silver Ring

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