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500 fans on FB fanpage!

A New Personal Landmark reached…..

Though I’ve only registered and used Facebook for a short time compare to most,

And certainly a newbie when it comes to flaunting my wares publicly on a social network platform…..

Yet, it’s such a joy to reach my mere little goal of having 500 fans on my FaceBook Jewelry Business Page

Quite a thrill!  So I am celebrating!  But since I cannot offer that Unicorn some had asked for as rewards….

So I am just going to Give-Away something that I know for certain possible…

I will be giving away  TWO (2) Pairs the most popular style of post / stud earrings that I’ve been offering for the past year!

Plus!  A Gift Voucher to use for any Custom designs or pieces that I have listed in my Etsy Jewelry Shop.

And here are the visuals to those 2 post earrings that you’ll have the opportunity to own.

Oh and to sweeten the deal here, these 2 pairs are Limited Edition,

As I do not have any more of these particular centers that I’ve used on these to remake them…

Gift Voucher for Give Away

What are these made of you asked?


Moss Amethyst with Rhodolite Garnet

on 14kt Goldfill wire.

Rainbow Moonstone with Aquamarine

on 14kt Goldfill wire.

And a Jewelry Voucher for $50

for you to use on any Jewelry that I’ve made or can make.

Here’s are the Rules ~ such trouble! 😛

1. Leave me a comment, of how you’ve heard of this GiveAway?

2. Visit My Etsy Jewelry Shop , and let me know which is your favorite item, currently available or from sold items.

3. I would appreciate you becoming a fan of my Facebook Jewelry Fan Page , since it’s the BEST place to keep up with my new pieces if you enjoy my creation. 🙂  But not a requirement.

4. Leave me your contact email, so I can inform you if your name was picked out of the draw box.

I’ve decided to use the old fashion way,

by printing out names and drop them all into a box,

then winner(s) will be drawn randomly.

Each “Rule” from above is one entry to the box, so if you did all 4, then that’s 4 entries….

and here’s a little hint….  there is a 5th entry possible, but you’ll have to find that out by yourself….

So yes, it is very possible to win more than one of the 3 prizes offered

from this particular GiveAway…..  🙂

This event will end a week from today.

Winner will be drawn out of the box on April 1st! HA!

But no, I won’t play any tricks on you, prizes will be rewarded!  🙂

Last but not least…..

Thank you all so much for taking part,

and for your continuous support!

Looking forward to hearing from you!  <3

With lots of love!

Deb from behind the veil of Crysallis Creations Jewelry

Adornment Creator who follows her Muse faithfully, where-ever she leads!

New Items listed

I’ve had a great week, a great productive week!  And I’ve finally managed to add these items to my Etsy as well….  here’s a little sneakpeek at those items:

NEW for 3rd week of March, 2013

NEW for 3rd week of March, 2013

As always, most of my items will be One-Of-A-Kind!  I don’t really enjoy creating the same style over and over again because….  well the 2nd time around will not be the same, at least for my own mental state…  😛  I think I’ve got the artist tempermental down quite nicely….  lol  not so helpful when it comes to business I guess….  But hey!  I am having fun so!  😉

That’s all for now!  Hopefully I’ll have a few more for show very soon!  Until next time!

result of my recent inspiration ~ Grunge & Lace

so about 2 weeks ago, I posted a photo and a link to a Haute Couture fashion show that I found inspirational.  While trying to find time to actually work on the piece, which, if you’ve been following my progress, you now that hasn’t been too streamlined….  But I think it’s finally done, and here it is!

Grunge & Lace ~ earrings inspired by 2013 Spring / Summer Haute Couture fashion show

Grunge & Lace ~ earrings inspired by 2013 Spring / Summer Haute Couture fashion show

I was really hoping that I can find an image where it’ll best represent how I got the inspiration, alas, I wasn’t able to….  Since it’s really from the make-up, the feathery flowing details, all the lace, and the forest scene that it took place!  It’s the whole package!  And if you’re curious enough, feel free to go on Youtube , and you’ll get to see where I got inspired from…..

Random isn’t it?  LOL  But I do hope you’ve enjoyed this little “journey” of my creative outlet that I am sharing with you….

Until next time!  🙂

something new that I’ve been working on…..

I know I know….  been awhile since I last updated here.  But with Chinese New Year then followed by trying to get my daily routine back again, it really hasn’t been easy!  But slowly I am catching up with things.  And since I am almost out of listed available rings, so I’ve decided to just start with that…..  and what else can be more fun than a few more Stacking Rings right?

Collection of Stacking Rings

Collection of Stacking Rings


I am currently working on a few more, which I’ve included the latest 3 new rings that I’ve made here, and I name these Geometric, for obvious reasons, right?

geometric ring collage

Geometric Stacking Ring

Anyway, expect a few more new designs that I am currently working on, some earrings, and hopefully some huge project that I can finalize as well!  So stay tuned!


Until Next time!



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