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something new that I’ve been working on…..

I know I know….  been awhile since I last updated here.  But with Chinese New Year then followed by trying to get my daily routine back again, it really hasn’t been easy!  But slowly I am catching up with things.  And since I am almost out of listed available rings, so I’ve decided to just start with that…..  and what else can be more fun than a few more Stacking Rings right?

Collection of Stacking Rings

Collection of Stacking Rings


I am currently working on a few more, which I’ve included the latest 3 new rings that I’ve made here, and I name these Geometric, for obvious reasons, right?

geometric ring collage

Geometric Stacking Ring

Anyway, expect a few more new designs that I am currently working on, some earrings, and hopefully some huge project that I can finalize as well!  So stay tuned!


Until Next time!



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