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new rings & bracelet

I know it seems that I’ve been MIA lately, but I am a real person, with real life responsibilities.  As much as I would love to commit more of my time to my jewelry and business, but things had to get prioritized right?

And that does not translate into that I don’t love making jewelry or my work!  So don’t read between the lines….  😉

Some new pieces that will be listed later in April, 2013

Some new pieces that will be listed later in April, 2013


And here are some new pieces that I will be listing soon.  From top to bottom, left to right:


~ Bracelet with Borosilicate Glass Lampwork made by Redside Designs, mix with Labradorite and Pink Amethyst, and assortment of Bali Silver Beads.

~ Stack ring, of an Artisan made lampwork gladd flower wirewrapped with Argentium Silver.  Kyanite flanked with 2 Labradorite cubes, wirewrapped with 14kt Goldfill.

~ Sunstone, red Garnet, GEM Citrine, wirewrapped with heavily oxydized / blackened Sterling Silver, and coils of 14kt Goldfill wire.


And that is all for now!  Until next time!  🙂

brief update

So what have I been up to lately you wondered?  Well…..  I’ve been trying to finish some things that I’ve been working on lately, though no decent photos of finished products to show just yet.  But the latest thing that I am so excited about is that I finally received my wax seal stamp made with my business name!!!  How cool is this?!?!?!

Wax seal with business name

Wax seal with business name



I am not sure how I am going to work this into my current packing or packaging just yet, but I plan to!  And I was afraid that it’ll be hard to use but after this first imperfect attempt, I think I know how to work it now……  Hopefully I will incorporate this into every mailing that I make from now on in a tasteful fashion!  Regardless…..  I am so excited to have this!!!  HA!

Until next time!  🙂

and we have Winners!

THANK YOU ALL!  From the bottom of my heart!

For taking part in my FIRST GiveAway for reaching 500 fans on my FB fanpage!

I certainly hope that you’ve enjoyed the process,

and I can’t thank you enough for all the flaunting and pimping that you did for my page!

I’ve gained quite a few new fans!  Because of you!

Here’s the original blog post to this GiveAway,

and Here are the questions that if you answered in comments,

each will gain you one entry:

1. Leave me a comment, of how you’ve heard of this GiveAway?

2. Visit My Etsy Jewelry Shop , and let me know which is your favorite item, currently available or from sold items.

3. I would appreciate you becoming a fan of my Facebook Jewelry Fan Page , since it’s the BEST place to keep up with my new pieces if you enjoy my creation. :)   But not a requirement.

4. Leave me your contact email, so I can inform you if your name was picked out of the draw box.

and that 5th entry is gained from clicking on that GiveAway Contest tab on my FB fanpage!

So after the deadline, which was when FB time hits April 1st, 2013,

I proceed to print out and cut out a lot of strips with names and put them into a box….

printed strips of names are cut....

printed strips of names are cut….


making more progress....

making more progress….


finally cut and folded all into box!

finally cut and folded all into box!


then handed over to my trusted prize drawee!  aka my son!

then handed over to my trusted prize drawee! aka my son!


AND!!  We have 3 winners!




Congratulations Belinda, Debra, and Trisha!  😀

Belinda won the Moss Amethyst with Rhodolite Garnet post earrings!

Debra won the Rainbow Moonstone with Aquamarine post earrings!

and Trisha won the $50 Jewelry Voucher to be used on something she desires

Thank you all!

Gift Voucher for Give Away




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