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Can’t please them all can we?

Sometimes I go through those moments, wondering why I spend so much time to learn new things, to perfect my creation.  Check then double-check for loose ends of wire, making sure that it’ll withstand tugs and wear…..


yet time and time again, as I complete a new piece, I was reminded of how much I enjoy doing what I do!  Creating wearable pieces of Art makes me happy!  And to make it all worthwhile ( though truthfully, most time very much underpaid ), it is always a THRILL for me when someone is willing to pay with their hard earned money and wants to own a piece that I’ve made!  I don’t think anyone can really relate to this, unless if you’re an artist.


Yes I think of myself as an artist!  Not just an assembler, or a crafter.  Because everything that I make, I go through the process of plotting the proportion, planning materials, color palette, and a lot of times I dream about them!   I have to have that “vision” in my head before I can start!


And all these happened before I can start any projects!  It really is very close to living a dream….  as I’ve always been someone who needed to be involved with creativity!  I needed the stimulation!


then there are times, when I feel so discouraged and doubt myself…..


and a lot of times, I wondered why I kept going with this while the reward is so little!


But I kept on going!  Hoping that I will be able to share this music that I have in my head with people that can hear!  That is what it’s all about isn’t it?

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