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Sourcing Jadeite Jade

Life goes on really!  Regardless of what negative things that might be going on, which of course should remain at the back bench and not take away from all the other fun and joy that’s going on with the rest of my days right?


So I just spend a few days at the Hong Kong Gem and Jewellery Trade show, one of the biggest in the world in fact.  And since I’ve reconnected with a long time friend and realized that he is in the Jadeite business, imagine how thrilled that I was!  😛  And of course…..  seeing what advantage I can have with this opportunity, and certainly from a very trusty source!  His family has been in Jadeite business for a few generations now, and he offers some of the very best natural materials, combined with skillful carvings from his trusted source.  I went through boxes after boxes of gorgeous Jadeite in an array of colors, shapes and sizes, came home with a bunch!  I’ve been taking pictures of them with my best abilities, hopefully they shine through as beautiful as they are in person….  and I am not even 1/2 way through what I have on hand……


Here are just a quick sneak peek into what I have on hand….

Jadeite collage 1

Here are mostly cabochons, I still have some that can easily be used as “beads” that needs to be photographed, which I will do as time permits.


Please keep in mind, all these are NATURAL Burmese Jadeite, no treatment done to these what-so-ever!  All the colors are natural, photos taken under natural light.  These are materials that’s usually used in combination of karat gold and diamonds.  These are all GEM grade and not craft grade materials.

These should be listed into my Etsy Gem Shop in the coming few days, but if you’re interested in any from here feel free to contact me for more information.  To stay on top of my latest listings or offerings, please become a fan at Crysallis GEMS on Facebook as this is the best place to either keep watch of my new listings, new beads, or get in touch with me with questions that you may have.


I should have another update soon, until then…..  🙂

What Is Your Worst Experience? Part 2

First off, I really really would like to thank you all!  For voicing your concern and giving me so many words of encouragement!  Through this whole incident, you have all made me feel strong by never doubted my doing!  Though really…..  from my previous post , I cannot say there had been much positive progress for my part, so this whole incident is still on-going unfortunately…..  I have tried to put an end to it but was turned down…..  not once, but twice now.


I know many of you are following my updated either on my Facebok page or else my Crysallis Creations Jewelry on Facebook  , though some incidents has happened since my last blog post, but there’s still not much I can disclose just yet since, well….  it is not officially over, and frankly, I do not know when it will!  But here are some updates with the whole situation, along with some observation for your consideration.


I have come to the decision that I should enforce my Store Policy due to her threatening contact of reporting me to sale site. 

~ Contacted sale site’s Support ever since I’ve realized that I would like to cancel the whole transaction.  And I kept Support up to date with each contact that she had made.  I was advised that since each store is different and has its own store policy, it is best to follow and make my own decision since each situation is different.  And that’s what I did.

I have asked her to cease all contact with me through sale site message system.

~ She sends me a few more message through sale site, and I’ve forwarded each to sale site’s Support.  My last message to her was to inform her that I’ve issued refund, based on my Store Policy as advised from sale site’s Support, and please cease all contact with me.

I have issued refund (minus the initial Custom Order fee), but was refused payment through PayPal because she states that she cannot accept in this currency. (USD since that’s what she paid through sale site)

~ Since I’ve already submit cancel transaction process since I’ve issued refund, so I contacted Support again to let them know that I have no intention of cheating, and it is out of my control that she refused my refund.  Support noted such incident and states that the site will not hold this against me.

I received an EMAIL from her asking me to reissue refund.

~ had to do some transferring around, with help of a friend, so I have the full amount in my account to issue this refund via direct transfer instead of e-check done through my Bank which may takes up to 5 days.

I RE-Issued refund, 2nd time, with equivalent of USD to the currency used by her Country, then she refunds me back, with no given message this time.

~ Within hours of issue refund, she returned my money again!  Once again I informed sale site’s Support of this incident.

I received another message from her through sale site’s message system, TELLING me that I cheated her of her money, this transaction cancelled because I cannot get her ring size right!  That I should look into my heart, may My GOD forgive me!

~  oh no darling…..  this transaction was cancelled NOT because I cannot make the right sized ring!  But because YOU gave me the wrong size to begin with!  And then YOU chose to NOT wanting me to make another ring to fulfill my original commitment, but instead, YOU asked to be compensated with another piece that’s priced at 75% of the total cost / budget that you’ve given me for this Custom Order, for ALL THE TROUBLE that I’ve caused!


What I’ve learned through this whole thing is that even though I’ve been an online seller for such a long time, people will still surprise you!  So the phrase “Customers are always right!”  is totally utterly bullshit!  I know how hard it is to create a ripple in this vast ocean of Artisan Jewelry, it is a gamble in a lot of ways, hoping and wishing that we will expose our creations long and hard enough so they will be seen by the “right” people……  then we do everything we can hoping that they’ll stay…..


That was me, because I’ve made a commitment.  I’ve promised that I will make it work!  Which was hard to do when the buyer opted for some unreasonable compensation instead of looking back at what she’s done!  And to put icing on the cake, she still insisted that I plotted to cheat her out of that initial down payment for Custom Order, which was 1/3 of total budget that she had given me.  Not for a minute had she thought about my labor + time + materials that I used, postage that had cost me, time spend to communicate, or postage!

THREE attempts of making wire-wrapped ring with 14kt Rose Goldfilled wire.

THREE sessions of 2 hours minimum EACH to make or remake the ring.

THREE times that I had to sort and pick out gemstone beads to be used on the ring.

ONCE via Registered Airmail, ONCE via EMS – Express Mailing Service.

TWO of the postage incurred when she had to ship my ring back to me, yes I’ve compensated her for both return shipments.

ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY+ of messages back and forth, and I do not know how many minutes of my time that translates into……

I was even ready to pay PayPal fee to refund her money just so she will receive the full 2/3 for the Custom Order that was cancelled.


Thoughts?  You think I get paid minimum wage here?  For keeping that initial Custom Order fee?


I certainly hope NO ONE will ever experience similar situation, but please, learn to respect what you do and DO NOT EVER compromise and bend your own rules just to please and make a sale!  I have a feeling that this was NOT the first time that she has done this to others!  And she has gotten away with it since most sellers were afraid that she will really file that report!  IF you are doing everything you can, everything that you are able to, I urge you to stand your ground, because NOT EVERY CUSTOMER will be reasonable, or ALWAYS RIGHT!


Trust your own instinct, believe in your self and your creations!  Do Not let anyone else take advantage or take your joy of creating, your joy of offering great custom service, or your abilities to make their dream into reality!  That is ALL YOURS!  And shouldn’t be in the hands of your buyers!


I will create to my own heart’s content! I will try my best to please my customers!  But please do not take me as a fool, because I insert a whole lot of heart and soul into each and every piece that I make!  And I deserve proper RESPECT for my time and creation!  And it is MY CHOICE and MY DECISION whether or not YOU deserve to own my pieces!


And THAT, is what I believe in!

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