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Christmas Present from me to you!

Been awhile, so sorry about this….  I think sometimes I am way more of an artist than a marketing minded person than I would like to admit!  LOL


Yes I am quite temperamental at times….  been in one of those low mood ever since that insane encounter and the whole mess with that custom order, which I am sure some of you remember.  It is interesting how even though I’ve been making those wire wrapped rings for so many years, after all these repeating and happy customers, how one single strike can do so much damage to one’s confidence!  But that shall overcome, I am sure!


Meanwhile….  still looking for my mojo, she is still on vacation somewhere……  but life goes on, and I have commitment that I still need to wake up for!  And certainly orders that I need to complete!


Not sure how many of you that read this knows, but this is going on the 9th year that I will be doing fund-raising for Make-A-Wish Foundation here at Hong Kong, volunteering my time, as well as will be displaying some of my jewelry for sale at the event.  As always, it is taking place at one of the most elite shopping center here at Hong Kong, Central area inside The Landmark, so please do drop by if you are at the area?


Meanwhile…..  I am also offering something new, to those who are a fan of my jewelry but always thought that my pieces are slightly out of reach!  I’ve been making and selling jewelry for close to 10 years now.  And through the years and many trials and errors, and most time due to poor photography, I’ve accumulated quite a few pieces that are beautifully made but never found their home!


So here’s my gift to you this holiday season.  Instead of offering custom orders that I do not have time to make during this busy season, I am offering you a Surprise jewelry piece, for most likely only cost of materials, one of the older pieces that I’ve made that you’ve probably never seen listed in any of my online shop before.  All that you’ll need to do is let me know your own budget, and with your preference of Necklace/Pendant, Bracelet, Earrings, or Ring, your color or gemstone preference, or any other information you would like me to consider, then I will pick out a piece that I’ve made and ship to you!  Doesn’t this sound fun?  🙂


This offer will be valid through November 29th, 2013, payment will be made to me through PayPal (contact me for email address for payment please!), your purchase will be shipped via Registered Airmail from Hong Kong, and should make it in time for Christmas, 2013.


If you are not familiar with my works…..  here’s a collage of some that are included in this offering though not necessary a piece that you will receive since that really depends on the budget that you have set for yourself.

Christmas Surprise Present of Jewelry

Christmas Surprise Present of Jewelry


If you need more information with this offering, feel free to contact me!  Happy Holidays!

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