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As we look forward to 2017….

So many things had happened this year…..  moved from one continent to another!  All things seemed settled now, at least most of it!

And, since one of the test shows that I’ve tried were a total flop…  since I was really too late to join any for this holiday season, so I’ve uploaded quite a few new pieces into my Etsy Shop, so feel free to take a browse there for some really lovely pieces I must say…..  it’s really all about trying to find the right audience isn’t it?  And it seems like my search needs to go on once again….


Anyway!  The one new items that I am promoting this year is what I named Jolly Holly leaves that I’ve made!  Here’s a photo of my own set that I’ve been wearing:


Do you enjoy Winter?  Don’t think of these as only for the holidays!  They are very light weight and certainly fun to wear!  And with each measuring about one inch ( or 2.5 cm), these would make fun earrings too!  If interested, contact me through my Etsy listing and we’ll go from there!

Now here are a few listings that’s available in my Etsy shop, and as a special Thank You, Please use coupon code Holiday2016 to receive 25% off your purchase!  This promotion will end on December 30th, 2016.  Please note that as usual, this EXCLUDE any Made-To-Order items.

Thank you, for a wonderful 2016!

Enjoy!  And I believe the next time I’ll post an update with my blog, it should happen from my newly finished website too…..  woohooo!!!!  Really looking forward to that, are you?


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