Inspiration! Spring 2013

Since this is my space to share, about my jewelry, blings…..  thought it might be interesting to share where I get inspired from time to time…

Might be an image, might be a write-up somewhere, might be a random found object that I found on my walk around the city.  But I can tell you that a lot of times it’s from fashion shows that I’ve seen….  since, well….  I graduated from fashion related field, thus it’s still my ultimate love and passion!


So I was really inspired from this Chanel Haute Couture Show ~


And if you click on this photo ^^^ , it will link you directly to Chanel’s page, along with the fashion show that I found absolutely amazing!  Or….  you can also click on the link below, which will take you to Youtube to watch this amazing show!

Enchanted Interlude – CHANEL Spring-Summer 2013 Haute Couture show

Meanwhile…..  I’ll be here working on some new pieces that was inspired from this, already started on a pair of earrings, but we will see how that goes I guess…..

Please respect all designs and labels, which belongs to their respected label.  I am in no association with them but simply an admirer.  Thank  you!

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