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Life goes on really!  Regardless of what negative things that might be going on, which of course should remain at the back bench and not take away from all the other fun and joy that’s going on with the rest of my days right?


So I just spend a few days at the Hong Kong Gem and Jewellery Trade show, one of the biggest in the world in fact.  And since I’ve reconnected with a long time friend and realized that he is in the Jadeite business, imagine how thrilled that I was!  😛  And of course…..  seeing what advantage I can have with this opportunity, and certainly from a very trusty source!  His family has been in Jadeite business for a few generations now, and he offers some of the very best natural materials, combined with skillful carvings from his trusted source.  I went through boxes after boxes of gorgeous Jadeite in an array of colors, shapes and sizes, came home with a bunch!  I’ve been taking pictures of them with my best abilities, hopefully they shine through as beautiful as they are in person….  and I am not even 1/2 way through what I have on hand……


Here are just a quick sneak peek into what I have on hand….

Jadeite collage 1

Here are mostly cabochons, I still have some that can easily be used as “beads” that needs to be photographed, which I will do as time permits.


Please keep in mind, all these are NATURAL Burmese Jadeite, no treatment done to these what-so-ever!  All the colors are natural, photos taken under natural light.  These are materials that’s usually used in combination of karat gold and diamonds.  These are all GEM grade and not craft grade materials.

These should be listed into my Etsy Gem Shop in the coming few days, but if you’re interested in any from here feel free to contact me for more information.  To stay on top of my latest listings or offerings, please become a fan at Crysallis GEMS on Facebook as this is the best place to either keep watch of my new listings, new beads, or get in touch with me with questions that you may have.


I should have another update soon, until then…..  🙂

adding more listings into my Etsy bead shop!

So since I still haven’t had much time to work on creating new pieces, so what I’ve been doing lately is sorting through my “hoard-dom”!!  LOL  Trying to reorganize my stash (failing of course) while trying to add a few more listings to my Etsy Bead Shop , so at least my wee little shop will stand any chance of being found on there….

Digging into my own precious hoard here, starting by sharing a few pieces of Ocean Jasper beads that I’ve had for over 10 years!  These are old stock materials, and from what I’ve learned quite a few years ago that this material is depleted, which explains why there aren’t as many beautiful ones new in the market now.  So yes these are quite precious!

just a small collection of old stock Ocean Jasper beads that I'll be listing....

just a small collection of old stock Ocean Jasper beads that I’ll be listing….

So check these out if you’re a mineral enthusiast like me!  I will be listing quite an assortment over time, priced at different price range as well!
‘Til next time!!




added some new gemstone bead listings into my Etsy bead shop!

Labradorite, natural Citrine, assortment of Tourmaline

Labradorite, natural Citrine, assortment of Tourmaline

I’ve added a few more bead listings into my Etsy Bead Shop , part of my effort in clearing out some of the hoard that I’ve managed to collect through the years….

What makes mine different from the rest?  Well…..  let’s just say there’s nothing I wouldn’t buy to use in my own jewelry pieces, and even though yes, I do make somewhat high end wirewrap jewelry but, I love the natural minerals and even natural inclusions with them!  To me, those are characteristics, mark of nature!

Check these out if you’re interested!  🙂  ‘Til next time!!  😀

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