Let’s talk about over 40 skincare!

I am doing something new today here on my blog…..  If you are a regular reader of my random postings here on this blog, then you know most of the time I really only update with things related to beads, supplies…  hehehehehe….


So yes, this is new….  I am going to share a beautiful skincare that I had found!  And it needs to be told!!!


Since my move from Asia back to US, the drastic changes of humidity as well as temperature sure is not helping with my usual skincare routine!  Truth be told, I’ve not paid much attention to my skin in recent years….  aside from the usual skincare routines.  I am not one of those that’s obsessed with skin, looks…..  I believe in doing enough, eating right, and lots of liquid (including alcohol HA!) and exercise.  All moderately!  Then we should age gracefully, right?  Now being a klutz is a whole other subject and we shall save that for a later date….  *cough*


Anyway, all I am saying here is, you need to try this!  It’s called Baie Botanique Rose Renew, comes with serum, face cream, and a face wash (which is missing in photos since it’s still enroute!)  I am in my mid 40, and I’ve been using these for the past 3 months, and I have experienced total turn around with the condition of my skin!  Aside from minimized pore, I am seeing that glow that I haven’t seen on my skin since I hit 40 years old!  And I do not live a sheltered life, I wake up early to take son to school, worked the whole day, house works, laundry….  the usual daily duties.  This regiment is so simple yet so effective that I really feel this need to share!  And the best part is, it works just as great as some of the big names that I’ve tried through the years, yet costs like drug store brands!  Unreal…..  but totally works!

And….  drumroll, here they are!

I have been using these morning and evening, and keep in mind, I am usually generous with skincare, so the serum lasts about 3 months, while I think the cream should still have another month or so in it…..  I have just ordered my 2nd time, and will likely use these for as long as they’re available, and as affordable as they are now!  HA!


Yes their main ingredient is Rose, and yes it smells like rose, but in  totally natural way and nothing too pungent to irritate…..  as much as I love the smell of flowers, rose is actually not one of my preferred scent, but hey, it’s been used for generations, and I do believe in its benefit though just never found a product that I actually enjoyed using, until now…..


I have always been a fan of holistic or even botanical or even organic skincare!  But as most of us who had tried these, most of the time it takes some time to see the difference.  But, aside from an Italian skincare line that I’ve tried with certified organic olive oil and argan oil (but had trouble finding it again sadly….), these are by far the best that I’ve tried!


So yes, I highly recommend these to anyone who’s looking for new skincare regiment that’s simple, yet extremely effective!  Oh oh!  And I think they’re coming out with eye cream and toners in early 2017 too EEKS!!!  Then I’ll be totally happy hahahahahahahaha!!!!


This brand is available in many international locations, I got mine from Amazon in US.  Here’s their website: http://www.baiebotanique.com/


If you do try it, do let me know how and if you like it?



  1. Pegi Sapp Burtpn says:

    Deb ~ My skin is older than yours and I find that every 5 years or so I completely change my shin Routine and am due now …..more later we are at lunch & Tom is giving me dirty looks

    • Give these a try Pegi! Simple, and honestly, cheap for what they can do! I am actually pretty impressed with the result even though this external beauty thing is really not too high on my list of things I pay attention to in recent years but still…. gotta upkeep the canvas right? hehehehehe…..

      Let me know what you think if you do try. 🙂

  2. Pegi Sapp Burton says:

    Will do !! I’m going on Amazon today & hope they have the eye cream & toner now …. what do they recommend for Cleanser ??
    Will keep you up to date on the progress xxxx

    • they are coming out with eye cream and toner soon I think…. I’ve been asking for them! Right now they have the serum, cleanser, and cream 🙂 Let me jnow if you need links? XO

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